Slovan the victim of blind justice

27 October 2012, 08:20

In the 29th minute of Tuesday’s KHgame in Bratislava between Slovan and CSKA Moscow, the referee controversially awarded a goal after a shot by Yakov Rylov evaded the goaltender and found its way into the Slovan net. The goal gave the visitors a 3-1 lead and turned out to be the game-winner for the Muscovites.

The Refereeing Department has scrutinized the incident and concluded that the goal should not have stood, because there was a clear case of interference on the goalkeeper as Rylov’s shot was struck. The rules state that there is no need to refer episodes of this kind to the video goal judge, and it is the referee who should determine whether or not to award a goal.

As a result of this episode, disciplinary measures have been taken against the errant referee.

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