Door opens for NHL men

17 September 2012, 09:27

With the expected NHL lock-out now becoming official, the KHL’s amendment to its regulations, created to enable locked-out NHL players to play in the KHL for the period of the dispute, now comes into force.

The amendment’s main points stipulate that each KHL club may enlist up to three locked-out NHL players, but only one of these may be a foreign player. Moreover, in the case of Russian-based KHL clubs, the foreign player must meet ONE of the following criteria:

- He has played no fewer than 150 games in the NHL over the last three seasons;
- He has experience of playing in the KHL;
- He has represented his country at one of the last two IIHF World Championships, World Junior Championships or the Olympics;
- He is a Stanley Cup winner, a Stanley Cup finalist, or a winner of one of the individual prizes awarded by the National Hockey League at the close of the season.

Thus, KHL clubs may now have six foreign players on the books, but the limit of five foreigners per roster named for a given KHL match remains in place. The locked-out NHL players’ contracts will be in essence standard KHL contracts, but the players’ wages must not exceed 65% of their NHL salary, and the contracts, like the amendment, will be annulled at the moment of any official resolution to the NHL dispute.

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