Law enforcement strengthened

31 August 2012, 08:01

The KHL has announced the new line-up of the Sporting and Disciplinary Committee, which during the forthcoming season will oversee games in the in KHL, VHL (Major Hockey League), and MHL (Youth Hockey League), and review passages of play in which major penalties and disciplinary sanctions may be imposed.

The KHL has favored reinforcement of the Disciplinary Committee rather than making wholesale changes. The chairman will still be Olympic champion and Stanley Cup winner Valery Kamensky, and Sergei Kozlov, chief of the KHL Refereeing and Competitions Department, will remain as Kamensky’s deputy. Joining the Committee as independent experts are the two-time Olympic champions Boris Mikhailov and Alexander Yakushev, former player and coach, now TV pundit Sergei Gimayev, and also the well-known former NHL Referee Paul Stewart.

Representing the VHL and MHL on the Committee will be, respectively, Igor Romashin and Igor Antipov, while the Refereeing Department is to be represented by its chief, Alexander Polyakov. The Disciplinary Committee’s executive secretary will be KHL operational control division head Pavel Makarov.

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