Ref was right: no goal

21 August 2012, 09:13

During the game of August 19 between Avangard and Traktor, part of the Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Cup preseason tournament, some controversy arose concerning the referee’s decision to disallow an apparent goal scored by Avangard. Early in the second period, a shot by an Avangard player struck the referee’s skate and found its way into the net. As a result of a review by the video goal judge, the goal was not given.


Alexander Polyakov, Director of the KHL’s Refereeing Department, has released a statement explaining the referee’s actions:
“In not awarding the goal, the referee acted correctly, both procedurally and to the letter of the law. The rules state that the referee may request a review by the video goal judge when the puck has been deflected into the net off a game official. The reason he asked for the review was to check whether any Avangard player had made contact with the puck after it struck the official’s skate. Had any player for the attacking team made contact with the puck after the deflection off the referee and before the puck crossed the goal line, then the goal would have been allowed. However, if the puck is deflected off the official and straight into the net, or into the net via a further deflection from a player on the defending team, then the rules state that no goal shall be given.”

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