Battle on Ice

24 April 2012, 09:40

The Russian-American Foundation (New York) in cooperation with Russia’s Legends of USSR Hockey Club has announced that the “Battles on Ice” series of friendly hockey games will be staged in Moscow. As well as the Legends of Hockey, the New York Fire Department team will also play against EMERCOM (Russia’s emergency rescue service) and Moscow Hockey Club Grad.

Tour schedule:
April 27th, (16:30). FDNY Firefighters vs EMERCOM
April 28th, (17:30). FDNY Firefighters and NHL Rangers ALUMNI vs Legends of USSR
April 29th, (16:00). FDNY Firefighters vs GRAD (Moscow)

The games will take place at the Grad Hockey Complex rink, on the third floor of the Gorod Lefortovo shopping mall, in building 2 at 12 Shosse Entuziastov, Moscow, between Ploshchad Ilyicha and Aviamotornaya metro stations.

The New York Firefighters’ team will be playing alongside New York Rangers veterans Ron Duguay, Mark Janssens, Chris Kotsopulos, Steve Vickers, Ed Hospador, Dan Blackburn, Paul Stewart, and Esa Tikkanen. Also among the FDNY Firefighters delegation will be Chief of Operations Robert Sweeney and FDNY Chief of Fire Prevention Thomas Jensen.

Michael McFaul, US Ambassador to Moscow, said: “While our nations may be on different sides on the ice during these friendly games, outside of the arena we are working with our colleagues at EMERCOM to better ensure the safety of our citizens and other people around the world.”

FDNY Commissioner Salvatore J. Cassano added: “The goal of this bilateral initiative is to celebrate the heroes who put their lives at risk on a daily basis to protect the lives of regular citizens of our countries and to demonstrate the solidarity between American and Russian people in condemnation of terrorism. We at FDNY are honored by this opportunity to represent not only our city, which is home to the largest Russian-speaking community in the country, but our nation as well.”

Russian-American Foundation VP Rina Kirshner stated: “These games exemplify how the people of our two countries can come together in support of each other and build special bonds which will further friendship between peoples, cultures and countries.”

In June of 2011, the Russian-American Foundation organized the first Battle on Ice as part of the ninth annual Russian Heritage Festival®. Teams from Russia’s emergency service ministry, Russian firefighters, and the Legends of USSR traveled to New York to take part in the tournament and to dedicate a memorial to the victims on the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The tournament raised over $20,000 for the widows and children of the New York City firefighters who perished on duty that day.

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