Belov tests positive

24 April 2012, 09:32

The Kontinental Hockey League’s Medical Center has announced that the A-sample from Avangard defenseman Anton Belov, taken on the 15th of April following Game 2 of the final series of the play-offs for the Gagarin Cup, tested positive for a banned substance.

The test discovered the presence of a Class S6 (b) substance, one of a list of Specified Stimulants, and all the indications suggest the substance entered the sportsman’s organism from imbibing an uncertified sporting nutrition product. The opinion of the specialists is that Class S6 (b) substances do not significantly enhance an athlete’s performance.

On receiving official confirmation from the Russia’s anti-doping agency, RUSADA, of Anton Belov’s positive A-sample, the Kontinental Hockey League has suspended the player from further participation in competitions, after consultation with the agency. A decision on any appropriate sanctions against the player will be made at a meeting of the corresponding RUSADA commission after the necessary investigations have been conducted in accordance with Russian anti-doping regulations.

The Kontinental Hockey League, as part of its 2011/2012 campaign for clean hockey, has conducted 350 dope tests over the course of the championship - a considerable increase from the previous season. Anti-doping monitoring of players of both teams competing in the Gagarin Cup final, including monitoring on non-playing days between games, will henceforth be strengthened.

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