St. Pete welcomes Scotty Bowman

2 April 2012, 16:09

April 12–14 Saint Petersburg will host the first international forum on “Innovative technology in the field of specialist hockey equipment, modern training methods, functional diagnostics and recuperation processes for athletes,” and representatives from KHL clubs will be among those attending.

Among the events planned for the forum there will be contributions from world-renowned specialists on a wide range of trends in the training of professional hockey players and young sportsmen. The participants of this representative scientific gathering will be discussing the specific features of the hockey training regimes used in Canada and the US, the use of the latest technology in developing players’ individual qualities, the scientific aspects of physical training and many more important matters.

Sharing their experiences with the assembled listeners will be famous North American coaches, such as Scotty Bowman, Lou Vairo and Matt Nichol, plus authoritative Russian scientists and specialists in the development of modern hockey technology.

Kontinental Hockey League President Alexander Medvedev has written a welcoming address to the participants of the forum, and it included the following message:
The KHL never ceases its work on innovation and progress. We strive to furnish the clubs of the KHL, VHL and YHL with information, to stimulate development of our infrastructure and to constantly improve our training process. From the children’s sporting academies to the professional teams, the KHL provides assistance for new initiatives and the implementation of the latest developments in all day-to-day activities.

This upcoming forum is a major event, and will feature the world leaders among such specialists. The program content is in complete harmony with the goals of the Kontinental Hockey League and promotes the further improvement of our nation’s hockey specialists. We offer our unconditional support to the forthcoming event.”

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