Penalties justified

20 March 2012, 08:13

In Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semi-final series between Ak Bars and Traktor, two incidents took place which resulted in defender Denis Kulyash and forward Alexei Tereshchenko, both of Ak Bars Kazan, each receiving a major plus game misconduct penalty (5+20 minutes). The KHL Refereeing Department has scrutinized both episodes and has released its official evaluation of the officials’ reaction to the events.

– Time of play 36:02, penalty against Alexei Tereshchenko. The video replay of this incident clearly shows the additional and unnecessary movement of the knee from the Ak Bars player as he collided with his opponent. The Refereeing Department upholds the referee’s decision to impose on Tereshchenko a major plus game misconduct penalty.

– Time of play 36:32, penalty against Denis Kulyash. The Refereeing Department wishes to make it known that before the play-offs got underway a meeting was held, attended by the clubs’ general managers and the main referees. At this meeting, the official approach to hits of this kind was made clear: if the player on the receiving end of a hit has his back to his opponent, or begins to turn away from his opponent, then the onus is on the player making the challenge to take reasonable action to reduce the risk of causing injury to the opposing player. In this instance, Denis Kulyash made no effort to reduce the force of the hit and reduce the risk of injury to Traktor forward Jan Bulis. The Committee therefore considers the referee’s decision to impose on the Ak Bars defenseman a major plus game misconduct penalty to be correct.

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