Moving the goalposts

17 February 2012, 11:04

At the press conference following Wednesday’s game between Neftekhimik and Torpedo the visitors’ head coach Kari Jalonen expressed some bewilderment regarding an episode in the 24th minute when the goal was moved from its correct position and a penalty shot was awarded. Specifically, the Torpedo coach was surprised the referee did not ask for the assistance of the video goal judge to ascertain whether or not a goal had been scored.

What the rules say:
If a player is in possession and control of the puck, with no opposing players between him and the goaltender, and has a genuine goal-scoring opportunity but an opposing skater or goaltender intentionally moves the goal from its correct position, then the referee shall award a penalty shot against the offending team.”

In this particular incident, the referee saw that the puck had not crossed the goal line, and therefore had no need to turn to the video goal judge. The video goal judge, in turn, had already studied the episode, and if the puck had indeed crossed the line he would have made this known to the referee.

The Refereeing Department would like to make clear that since the introduction of the internal communication system for referees, the correct decisions regarding such episodes can now be made swiftly and without the need to stop play.

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