On February 15th Minsk was the latest city to host the Master class with the stars – the ninth in the series of master classes staged by the Kontinental Hockey League’s partners, the renowned motor oil brand BP Visco. As part of the event, Dinamo Minsk stars Jeff Platt, Sergei Drozd and Alexander Kulakov conducted an hour-long coaching session for youngsters from sporting schools in Minsk.

The masters showed the youngsters many useful moves and exercises, and shared with them the finer details and secrets of the game to help the young hockey stars of tomorrow in their future matches. The training session concluded with the traditional photo and autograph session with the stars, and the juniors were also presented with gifts and mementos from BP Visco. After the session the assembled hockey lovers kept their heroes busy for some time, while the players gladly had their photos taken with the fans and autographed various Dinamo Minsk memorabilia.

It is the second year that BP Visco and the KHL have been lending their support to young sportsmen striving to perfect themselves and make the grade in hockey. The Minsk master class was the last link in the chain of events sponsored by BP Visco for the KHL 2011-12 season. Over the last two seasons these events have been hosted in Novosibirk, Saint Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Minsk, Kazan and Krasnoyarsk, and graduates of hockey schools all across Russia have received advice and help from the likes of Alexei Yashin, Darius Kasparaitis, Andrei Nikolishin, Vladimir Tarasenko, Georgijs Pujacs and other stars who have given their time to inspire the younger generation of players to achieve new heights as they pursue their future careers in professional hockey. The series of master classes in the biggest cities of countries covered by the KHL has given many youngsters a chance to reach out and touch the world of top level sport and hone their sporting talent.

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