Ready for take-off

9 February 2012, 23:32

The KHL leadership has approved the scheme developed by the KHL players’ union for organizing air travel for the League’s teams and players.

In December of last year, a special department of the KHL players’ union was set up for the purpose of organizing and controlling flights for the players and clubs, to accomplish the dual tasks of ensuring flight safety while optimizing transport costs for clubs in the League.

Under the new scheme, clubs are to be offered flights on the following aircrafts: Boeing-737-500, Boeing-737-400, Boeing-737-300 or Airbus-319/320, and only from fleets which entered service in or after 1997.

All the airlines permitted by the players’ union to offer transport in the scheme have access to airports in every city with a KHL team, and none of them is in debt to either airport services or air traffic control. Furthermore, all of them possess modern aircraft which meet the standards demanded by the Kontinental Hockey League and are ready to provide charter flights in accordance with the match schedule of the KHL Championship.

The Kontinental Hockey League would like to draw attention to the fact that the KHL players’ union is the sole legitimate organization, authorized by the League and possessing the relevant rights and authority, which can conduct negotiations regarding the organizing of air travel for KHL teams.

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