Referee’s error

6 February 2012, 02:18

During the shoot-out series to decide the winner of Saturday’s Torpedo vs. Sibir game, the fifth attempt of the series, in which Nizhny Novgorod forward Kim Hirschovits deceived the goaltender with a Spin-O-Rama move and scored, was ruled by the referee as no goal. Having scrutinized the episode, the KHL Refereeing Department determined that at no time during the attempt did Hirschovits break any of the rules, and therefore the goal should have been awarded.

What the rules say
Rule 509 states that during a penalty shot or a shootout, when a player performs a so-called Spin-O-Rama (a 360° turn) the attention of the referee and linesman should be focused on the following:
1. The player moves continuously toward the goal while maintaining control of the puck.
2. If the player and puck cease to move continuously in the direction of the goal, the attempt is deemed to be completed.
3. If the player makes contact with the goaltender before the puck reaches the goal, the attempt is deemed to be completed. A goal is not awarded, and the player may incur a penalty (rule 595) for a hit to a player who is not in possession of the puck.

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