For the second year running, BP Visco and the KHL are supporting young sportsmen striving to perfect their skills and make the grade in hockey. Last season many graduates of sporting academies all across Russia had the chance to meet hockey greats such as Alexei Yashin, Darius Kasparaitis, Andrei Nikolishin and other stars from the KHL.

This season, October’s master class with the stars in took place in Kazan, and on Tuesday, 22nd of November, the venue was Novosibirk – already the seventh in a series of master classes from BP Visco. Taking part in the exercises were Sibir players Vladimir Tarasenko, Georgijs Pujacs, Valery Knyazev and Yury Klyuchnikov plus players from the “Siberian Snipers” junior team, and they conducted a one-hour training session with graduates from Novosibirk’s sporting academies.

It was a gathering of two generations of players, with young sportsmen who are right at the beginning of their hockey journey, and as usual the professionals had plenty to share with the players of the future. The hockey aces demonstrated elements of hockey warm-ups, different playing exercises, and imparted some of the subtleties and secrets of the game, which will surely help the young hockey players perfect and hone their skills and mastery of the sport

The training session continued with many memorable events with the players and guests of the evening joining in, including a table hockey competition, but one of the most entertaining moments of the master class was the “beat the goalie” game, in which anyone who wanted could test their skills against a real goaltender. The training session finished with the traditional photo and autograph session with the hockey stars, and mementos were handed out by BP Visco staff.

Vladimir Tarasenko, forward for Sibir and Russia, said, “I took one of these master classes last year in Novosibirk, and it’s great to have the chance again to share my experience with young players. I think the people who organize these events are making a huge contribution and there should be more of these events, as they give the kids a great boost. Seeing such genuine joy in the children, you want to give them even more happy moments.”

Sibir and Latvia defender Georgijs Pujacs added, “When they invited us to this master class we agreed on the spot. It’s always great to work with these kids, and personally I would be delighted if during our time together some of the youngsters managed to see in themselves something new. I’d like to thank the organizers for making such an effort to put on this great event for Novosibirk’s young hockey players.”

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