Bayev and Hossa

22 October 2011, 20:28

During the game of the 19th of October between Spartak and Atlant there was an incident which resulted in Spartak forward Marcel Hossa receiving a misconduct penalty plus a game misconduct penalty (10 + 20 minutes) for abusing the referee. Spartak, within the KHL’s required time limit, requested the League to review and evaluate the situation. The club believes that the preceding challenge on Hossa by Denis Bayev was illegal and included a blow to the face using the stick.

Having studied the episode in question, the Refereeing Department ruled that the challenge on Marcel Hossa was a legal one and did not violate rule 540 (attack to the head or neck) of the KHL Laws of the Game, since Bayev’s challenge was to Hossa’s body. The committee saw no illegal actions from any Atlant players in connection with the episode under review.

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