A start for Lokomotiv

5 October 2011, 15:01

The Kontinental Hockey League has set about putting into practice the tasks set down by Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev regarding the revival of Lokomotiv Hockey Club of Yaroslavl. The League has implemented the relevant amendments to its procedures to help ensure the return of Lokomotiv to national sporting competition at the highest level.

The next step in putting this plan into action was to draw up a list of hockey players aged 17-22 who are currently under contract with clubs in the KHL or in the lower league, the VHL. From these Lokomotiv can form its roster for participation in competitions. Every club in the KHL has the right to retain two players in this age group who have existing contracts, and to date around half of the clubs have supplied the League with the names of the players they wish to keep.

The VHL has in turn confirmed its new game schedule, formed in order to accommodate Lokomotiv’s participation in the current championship. The Yaroslavl club’s VHL campaign begins on the12th of December with a home game against Neftyanik of Almetyevsk.

Lokomotiv’s regular season in the VHL championship will consist of 22 games – one against each team in the league. Due to the difference in the total games played, Lokomotiv’s qualification and seeding for the play-offs will be determined by the percentage of points earned.

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