Russia’s president leads the mourning

8 September 2011, 15:02

President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev placed flowers at the site of yesterday’s tragedy in Yaroslavl and chaired a meeting devoted to investigating the reasons for the disaster and providing help for the families of the victims. Also taking part in the meeting were representatives of Russia’s Emergency Control Ministry, Transport Ministry, Investigative Committee and Presidential Administration.

The president expressed his condolences to the nearest and dearest of those killed in the air crash, and also to the supporters of Lokomotiv hockey club.

“This is a serious tragedy; an event with a profound resonance. Everything must be done publicly and in the open,” said Medvedev, at a meeting of the operations team for the elimination of consequences of aviation disasters. “Investigations into the disaster will be undertaken by specially-created commission. All its findings must be open and public. I promise I will personally oversee the progress of the investigations.”

“This tragedy is a shock to the entire nation, as so often happens. But here there was an additional factor – on board was the main squad of a team beloved not just in Yaroslavl, but across the whole country; one of the most successful in Russia. With this in mind, the league must do everything possible to revive that potential.”

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