Awaiting clarification

30 June 2011, 01:00

On the 30th of June, Moscow was the venue for a meeting attended by the leadership of the Kontinental Hockey League and hockey club Lokomotiv of Yaroslavl, to discuss matters concerning the return of players currently playing in North America, including goaltender Semyon Varmalov.

Many different points of view regarding the problem were aired at the gathering, and the participants came to the opinion that matters such as these are best decided by the clubs themselves reaching agreement.

After the meeting, KHL president Alexander Medvedev issued the following statement: “In view of the legal uncertainties and lacunae with regard to the possibility of cancelling Semyon Varmalov’s contract with hockey club SKA, and also in view of the official statement from hockey club Lokomotiv, we decided to postpone any final decision on the matter under discussion until all the circumstances have become clear. With this in mind, I consider the most desirable outcome would be for hockey clubs SKA and Lokomotiv themselves to reach agreement.”

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