Record goalfest
Salavat Yulaev and Lokomotiv today gave the fans the highest-scoring game of the season, scoring 13 times between them. In the history of the KHL, only two games have featured more goals, and both of these involved Vityaz: in the first championship the Chekhov men lost 6-11 to Barys, and the following year they were defeated 5-9 by Lokomotiv.

Another record tumbled as it rained goals in Ufa today: before this game, no two teams had managed 11 goals in the space of just 38 minutes 37 seconds.

Angelic Amur
The men from Khabarovsk put in their most disciplined performance of the season today, incurring only two minutes of penalty time. Throughout the current campaign, Amur has been one of the best behaved teams in the KHL: twice the Far East men have only picked up 4 minutes in a game, and in all 43 outings they total just 525 minutes. Their most ill-disciplined display came against Barys in Astana, when they were handed 26 minutes.

It was not always so. For example, in the previous championship the Khabarovsk men amassed 954 minutes, putting them in the top five badly-behaved teams, and the total was not much lower in the first KHL season - 912 minutes – although that year foul play was more common, and ten teams collected over 1,000 minutes of penalties.

But in that season of 2008-09, Amur already boasted one game in which just the one player was sent to the penalty box, whereas their two ‘dirtiest’ games came in the following campaign, when at home to both Vityaz and Sibir they racked up 70 penalty minutes.

More overtime for Omsk
Avangard now boasts seven overtime wins for the season, and is now the KHL’s outright leader on this score. It is worth noting that the team only managed two overtime victories in both the previous championships. This season it is a very different story, however, with the Omsk men suffering just one defeat in the extra five minutes, with three more games going on to a shootout. The strangest statistic of all is that of the 11 overtime victories in Avangard’s time in the KHL, four were against Sibir (we should note that Novosibirsk men also have an overtime win over Omsk under their belts), while Salavat Yulaev, Barys and Novokuznetsk Metallurg have all beaten Avangard twice in overtime.

Figure of the day
The 4th winning goal this season from Avtomobilist defenseman Alexander Ryazantsev (pictured). His teammate, attacker Andrei Shepelenko, also has four game-winners under his belt. Curiously, Shepelenko has scored 5 goals in all, while Ryazantsev has hit 13.

Key players
Mikhail Biryukov (Yugra). Saved 33 shots to claim his third shutout of the season.

Radik Zakiyev (Amur). Threatened the goal himself once, and twice helped his comrades to score in a performance which earned him a +2.

Andrei Pervyshin (Avangard). Spent 24 minutes and 8 seconds on the ice, provided the pass for a goal and was rated the most valuable defenseman in his team, meriting a +2.

Igor Magogin (Avtomobilist). Played a part in both his team’s goals, scoring one and creating the other.

Viktor Kozlov (Salavat Yulaev). Threatened the goal four times and scored a double in the highest-scoring game of the season. Finished at a +1.

Denis Platonov (Metallurg Magnitogorsk). Struck his fifth winning goal of the current championship.

Quotes of the day
“After we allowed that fourth goal an obvious panic set in. In the end, the fate of the game was sealed by those five minutes when Salavat hit four past us. We couldn’t keep pace with the opposition’s players in these spells,” Lokomotiv head coach Vladimír Vůjtek.

“Torpedo has excellent attackers, and once again we allow a goal when we’re in power play. But that’s just why the fans love hockey – one second and one shift can change the whole game,” Metallurg Magnitogorsk head coach Kari Heikkila.

“Well done to the guys for not panicking when the score was 1-2. It was a superb game. I really like the atmosphere in Sibir’s stadium – loud, raucous and cheerful,” Avangard head coach Raimo Summanen.

Alexei Shevchenko, special to

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