Bortnikov’s triple strike
Neftekhimik forward Igor Bortnikov (pictured) is celebrating the first hat-trick of his career today. His three goals against Metallurg of Magnitogorsk took him only 30 minutes and 47 seconds, making it the second fastest treble of the season, beaten only by Anton Glinkin of Traktor.

Record defeat
Metallurg Magnitogorsk’s 1-8 thrashing today at the hands of Neftekhimik is the heaviest defeat in the club’s KHL history. Previously, the worst they had suffered was a 0-6 reverse against Avangard in the first championship and a 1-7 against Barys the following year, and never before had they shipped eight goals in a game. We should note that this was still not Neftekhimik’s record victory. In the first KHL championship the Nizhnekamsk men enjoyed a 10-2 triumph over Vityaz.

First victory
Traktor took part in a shootout today for the first time this season, and duly emerged victorious. In the first KHL championship, seven of the Chelyabinsk men’s games progressed to the shootout stage but of these they only won two; however, they improved their figures the following season, winning three out of five.

Figure of the day
131 minutes and 43 seconds was how long Avangard goaltender Karri Ramo had stayed unbeaten before finally conceding against Spartak today. It is the fifth longest shutout sequence this season, and Ramo was just 23 minutes 5 seconds short of breaking the club record.

Key players
Scott Munroe (Neftekhimik). Saved 26 shots, helping his team to a resounding victory.

Vasily Tokranov (Ak Bars). Spent over 21 minutes on the ice, scored a goal and earned a rating of +1.

Denis Kulyash (Avangard). Had three shots at goal and scored twice in power play.

Hannes Hyvonen (Traktor). In just over 9 minutes play in regulation time he won his only face-off and twice threatened the opposition’s goal, then scored the game-deciding shot in the shootout.

Dmitry Obukhov (Ak Bars). Added a goal, an assist, and a +2 to his account.

Maxim Yakutsenya (Neftekhimik). Collected four points, with a goal and three assists.

Quotes of the day
“We’d already played against Traktor and we won. But it’s a different team now,” Yugra head coach Sergei Shepelev.

“I don’t recall ever seeing so many shots at our goal. I counted about thirty,” Avangard head coach Raimo Summanen.

Alexei Shevchenko, special to

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