Result of the day
Severstal - Atlant 3-1. Nikolai Borshchevsky suffered his first loss as Atlant head coach and it will be interesting to see the response. How will the players take the defeat? Dismiss it as an annoying misfire? Or panic? All the more so since their conquerors are far from being the strongest outfit, themselves taking a 2-5 hammering from Vityaz recently.

However, they should forget about this one failure. The coach himself knows full well he is not to blame. Nikolai Borshchevsky clearly has not had enough time to make any changes to training methods. Teams are playing constantly, without any pause to try out new combinations, and indeed he has no new players with which to change the line-up.

Another question: will they let him change the squad, and - if yes - to what extent? Especially taking into account the lack of free agents on the market and the limits on his budget. There is talk of some changes, for example the return of Albert Leshchev, but so far it is just talk. And besides, Leshchev would not move.

In the day’s other matches, SKA were beaten in overtime by Spartak, 3-4, Amur lost heavily to Sibir, 1-6, Torpedo were defeated by HK MVD, 3-5, and Vityaz could not keep up the pressure on Lokomotiv, losing 5-9.

Still a good run
It was Borshchevsky’s first defeat since taking over at Atlant during the season’s break, and this is not a bad start to his new career. Having taken charge of Sibir, Andrei Tarasenko lost his first game, and so did Dinamo Minsk’s Alexander Andrievsky and Alexander Blinov at Amur. Sergei Mikhalev lost his second game as Torpedo boss, as did Dmitry Kvartalnov with Severstal. For Dynamo Moscow’s Andrei Khomutov, defeat came in his third match in charge, and for Borshchevsky - in his fourth.

Highest-scoring match
Vityaz and Lokomotiv players together struck 14 goals, bringing us the highest-scoring game of the championship, with 58 minutes 21 seconds between the first and last goal. However, this game did not break the championship record, which belongs to last year’s meeting involving one of today’s participants, Vityaz, who lost to Barys 6-11.

Another hat-trick
Evgeny Muratov became the eleventh player of this championship to bag three goals. The Sibir forward’s hat-trick, achieved in under 19 minutes, was also the fourth fastest, and special in that his goals were struck in three different situations, one at full strength, one short-handed, and one in powerplay.

Goaltenders’ skirmish
The first fight between two goaltenders in KHL history, with Amur’s Tyler Moss receiving a much longer penalty than his partner in crime, Yury Klyuchnikov. Moss, by the way, has already written his name in league history, being the first goaltender to keep a clean sheet.

Serial assassin
With two more goals, Maxim Sushinsky extended his run of scoring matches to twelve. Despite not leaving the field once in this spell without amassing points, this was the SKA attacker’s first double.

Two goals is no guarantee
Spartak have been trailing by two goals in ten games in this championship, losing eight of them. SKA, in turn, have had a two goal advantage in 17 matches and won 15, so today’s game went against tradition: at the start of the second period the Petersburg men were leading 3-1, but ended up losing in overtime.

Mozyakin’s record
All through his career, for over a decade, Sergei Mozyakin has rightly been considered one of the gentlemen of hockey, not once collecting more than 28 minutes of penalty time in an entire regulation season. Today he surpassed his personal best in one game, receiving a disciplinary penalty (10 minutes) plus a match penalty(20 minutes).

Figures of the day
29 shots on the Amur goal by Sibir.

105 minutes of penalty time shared by Amur Khabarovsk and Sibir Novosibirsk.

24 minutes 41 seconds spent on the ice by Atlant defenseman Dmitry Bykov.

6 shots on goal each from Spartak defenseman Jaroslav Obsut and Torpedo forward Mikhail Varnakov.

73.3% of 15 face-offs won by Sibir attacker Denis Kartsev.

Key Players
Rastislav Stana (Severstal). Just returned after illness, made 20 saves and helped his team to their first regulation time victory in 14 matches.

Kirill Lyamin (Spartak). Struck the overtime goal and finished with a +3.

Stanislav Yegorshev (Severstal). Scored the winning goal against Atlant/

Evgeny Muratov (Sibir). Struck a hat-trick, helping the Novosibirsk men to win with the biggest margin in their KHL history.

Matt Ellison (HK MVD). Claimed a double, one of which turned out to be the game-winner.

Nikita Klyukin (Lokomotiv). Added two goals and an assist to his account.

“There were no warning signs about such a turn of events, but then one player loses his positioning, lets his opponent get in a shot at goal, and our goaltender isn’t ready,” - Torpedo head coach Sergei Mikhalev.

“Today we weren’t as prepared as we would’ve liked, and this lost us the game,” - Atlant head coach Nikolai Borshchevsky.

“We are thankful for our goaltender, who has just returned to the side. We have really missed him in recent games,” - Severstal acting head coach Dmitry Kvartalnov.

Alexei Shevchenko,

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