June 1, 2009 the first ever Kontinental Hockey League junior draft was held. 23 KHL clubs were selecting players aged 17-20, including non-KHL Russian hockey schools' graduates, KHL clubs hockey schools' graduates not included in the Minor Hockey League junior teams' rosters, players not contracted with KHL clubs, participating in the hockey competitions in Russia and players aged 17-21, not contracted with KHL clubs, participating in the hockey competitions out of Russia.

Before the procedure of the junior draft KHL Scout Center made two preliminary lists of players; one included youngsters playing in Russia, another one - players taking part in tournaments out of Russia.

Draft procedure took four rounds. The initial sequence of clubs' choice was created according to 2008/2009 regular season results, but thereafter it was changed as a result of players' exchange, as well as during the draft. Teams representatives were willing to benefit from such an exchange.

Mechel Chelyabinsk defenseman Mikhail Pashnin (pictured) was chosen as Number One in the first round of the junior draft. He was drafted by CSKA, which a few minutes before the draft start took the right of the first choice from Dynamo Minsk, giving back their first, second and third round choices. Defensman Victor Hedman from Modo, Sweden, who was second in the qualifying foreigners list, was picked up by Spartak in the fourth round under overall number of 83.


Choosing player in the KHL junior draft gives club the right to this player; the player is not obliged to immediately terminate the contract with his current club and sign a new contract with the KHL club.

The club has the exclusive right to sign a contract with Russian hockey schools graduates and sportsmen playing in Russia until April 30 of the year the player turns 22. Contracts terms, as well as contracts with players protected from draft, should also expire on April 30 of the year, the player turns 22.

The right to sign contracts with sportsmen, playing abroad, retained by the club until April 30 of the year the player turns 28.

Club must sign a bilateral contract (KHL / MHL) with players protected from the draft. If the club chose player on the draft and did not sign him until August 1, 2009, the player receives the right to sign with any club playing in any tournaments, except for the KHL tournaments.

If a player refuses to sign a contract with the club he was chosen by, the latter reserves the right to such a player until April 30 of the year the player turns 28.

The player, not chosen on the draft, has the right to sign a contract with any hockey club.

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