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Cup of Hope


Failure to qualify for the Gagarin Cup play-offs will no longer mean the end of the season for teams in the KHL. For the 2012/2013 campaign the League is introducing a new tournament, the Cup of Hope (Nadezhda Cup), which will run to the end of March, keeping interest alive for the supporters and ensuring the players, many of whom will be fighting for places in their national teams, in peak physical condition. Six teams from the Western Conference and four from the Eastern Conference will take part.

The Cup of Hope will follow the play-out format, with each team seeded according to its place in the Conference standings at the end of the regular season (from 9th to 14th in the West and 9th to 12th in the East). The Eastern Conference teams begin at the quarter-final stage, while the bottom four of the Western Conference will play in a preliminary round with the two strongest going into the quarters.

The Kontinental Hockey League will fund the tournament, providing prize money for teams finishing from 1th to 4th place and assistance with travel costs, and will also supply the referees, inspectors, the Cup of Hope trophy to be handed to the winners, plus individual prizes for the best goalies, defensemen and forwards of the tournament.