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Welcome to the new season of Icecast, the official podcast of the KHL! We could not be more excited to bring you stories from across the six countries and eight time zones that comprise the Kontinental Hockey League. Be sure to hit subscribe so that you never miss an episode, and don’t forget to connect with us on social media.

Avangard Omsk head coach Bob Hartley and legendary Red Army defenseman Slava Fetisov join the inaugural episode of Icecast 2.0, hosted by KHL correspondent Gillian Kemmerer. Hartley and Fetisov have several things in common--including, most notably, Stanley Cup titles--but there is one other surprising parallel: they are both making waves in Siberia. The former stands at the helm of a team awaiting its return home, while the latter is set to host a friendly match on Lake Baikal to raise awareness for climate change. Hartley hopes to return Avangard to Siberia as Gagarin Cup champions, while Fetisov is utilizing outdoor hockey to win back the planet's future.

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Icecast · Icecast S2E1: Bob Hartley, Slava Fetisov

Bob Hartley

03:30 How Ilya Kovalchuk convinced Hartley to coach in Russia
07:27 The Atlanta Thrashers reunion in Balashikha
10:47 Corban Knight & Reid Boucher
17:41 Yegor Chinakhov
21:14 Favorite Russian foods and vocabulary

Slava Fetisov

24:21 How Fetisov became active in climate change
26:40 Playing hockey in the Himalayas
28:27 Morozov & Bettman support Middle East game
30:06 The Last Game on Lake Baikal
33:20 Soviet legends who will participate

Gillian Kemmerer Gillian Kemmerer
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