The playing schedule for the Kontinental Hockey League Championship 2016-17 season has been confirmed. 

The League devised the calendar with the interests of Team Russia in mind, and as a result, there will be three breaks in the schedule to accommodate each stage of the Eurotour (Oct. 29 - Nov. 6, Dec. 10 - 18, and Feb. 4 – 12). However, there will be no break in the schedule for the 2016 World Cup (Sep. 17- Oct. 1) in Toronto. 

The regular season will begin on the 22nd of August and finish on the 18th of February. The latest possible date for the end of the Gagarin Cup final series (i.e. in the event of the series running to seven games) is the 20th of April, a full two weeks before the start of the 2017 IIHF World Championships in France and Germany. 

The League decided on the early start date for the Championship in order to facilitate fair and even distribution of the 144 playing days which make up the regular season, and also the Gagarin Cup playoffs. In compiling the schedule, the organizers have strived to strike the correct balance between the interests of the Russian national team and of all the member clubs in the League.
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