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Visnovsky and Slovan fined


The KHL Refereeing Department has stepped in to clear up the controversy surrounding the long delay before the officials awarded Slovan Bratislava’s second goal in Friday’s game at home to Ak Bars.

The decision was a crucial one regarding the outcome of the game, as Slovan was trailing 1-2 with less than eight minutes remaining when Mario Bliznak’s shot appeared to have crossed the goal line.

Unfortunately, the camera sited behind the goal was not working properly and the video goal judge was unable to ascertain whether Bliznak had tied the game.

The video goal judge followed the correct procedure and turned for help to the video monitoring room in the KHL office. After detailed consultation and analysis of the passage of play, the goal was awarded.

The failure of the camera constitutes a breach of the KHL Technical Regulations, and HC Slovan Bratislava will be fined accordingly.

The incident has also landed Slovan defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky in trouble with the League, after he criticized the referees after the game.

The League notes that no official complaint about the standard of refereeing has been submitted by Slovan, and the commission which monitors the performance of the officials considered their performance satisfactory.

Furthermore, as explained above, the lengthy delay in awarding Slovan’s equalizing goal was entirely due to a technical fault in Slovan’s video equipment.

Finally, according to the KHL Regulations, the officials are under no obligation to explain their decisions to any player other than team captains and alternate captains.

The League therefore concludes that Lubomir Visnovsky’s remarks were a breach of his contract and of KHL Regulations, and constitute a slur on the honor and integrity of the League and its referees. For the above violations, Lubomir Visnovsky is to pay a fine of 300,000 rubles (approximately $9,800).

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